Keep Your Office's Roof in Good Condition

Arrange for commercial roof installations services in Rock Island, East Wenatchee & Malaga, WA throughout the Wenatchee Valley

A damaged roof puts your employees and customers at risk. Prevent unnecessary roofing accidents by If your roof is at the end of its service life, turn to Select Roofing based in Rock Island, WA for roof replacement services.

We can replace your faulty roof with a new one or repair the damage to restore its condition. Regardless of your needs, we'll provide you with a free consultation and inspection before any work begins. Call 509-679-5489 today if you need a commercial roof installation.

Look for these signs of a damaged roof

It can be hard to know if it's time to schedule roof replacement services. You'll want to contact our roofing experts ASAP if:

  • Shingles are missing, cracked or damaged
  • Mold or mildew has created black lines on the roof
  • Sagging is happening underneath the roof
  • Holes are found throughout the roof
If you notice any of these signs of damage, you might need commercial roof installation, replacement or repair work done. Reach out today to have your roof fixed.

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